Talk by Kim Yeonghwan

A BAYT Event in April

"Peace in Northeast Asia That We Create Together"

This is a presentation by a Korean peace activist Kim Yeonghwan, followed by discussion. Kim, former Executive Director of the peace museum 'Grassroots House' in Kochi, Japan, will cover a broad range of topics such as the bone excavation project of Korean forced labourers, the meaning of the Japanese Constitution Article 9 in the Northeast Asian, democratization movement in Korea, exchange between North and South Korea, U.S. bases in Korea, history of Japan and Korea, and Koreans in Japan (zainichi).

Date and Time: 6:15 - 7:30 PM April 4th (Wed.) * Note the Time Change
Place: Seminar Room 604, Asian Centre, 1871 West Mall, UBC Campus

Inquiries: bayt.ubc@gmail.com
Organized by: BAYT (Bringing Asian Youths Together)
Sponsored by: Peace Philosophy Centre
* Note - this event is followed by a social - maybe dinner or drink somewhere on campus. Please join in!

Kim Yeonghwan
Former Executive Director of A Peace Museum Grassroots House in Kochi,Japan. Co-director of "East Asia Collaborative Workshop." Instructor of Peace Studies at Kochi Junior College and Kochi University.

Kim Yeonghwan was born in Chungju-si, Korea. M.A. in Sociology from Sogang University. His master's thesis was on nationalism in Korea.Since 1996 Kim has been active in "Okedongmu Children in Korea," a program that arranges meeting of North and South Korean children to promote peace and reconciliation. Kim came to Japan for the first time in 1997 to participate in the excavation of bones of Korean forced labourers in Shumarinai, Hokkaido - the project now known as "East Asia Collaborative Workshop." In 2000, Kim was hospitalized for a serious injury he suffered during snow removal work in Shumarinai. He was so touched by the kindness of the people of Japan who helped him then that he decided to stay and work for a peace museum in Kochi. Kim's lifework is building solidarity among citizens of the East Asia for peace and understanding.


Report: Japan’s Peace Constitution

On Friday, February 16th, Bringing Asian Youths Together organized the event to show the film, Japan’s Peace Constitution, followed by the guest speaker, Dr. Shigenori Matsui from UBC Faculty of Law.

The film covers many issues surrounding the North East Asia, focusing on the issue of Article 9 and its significance on the international community and neighbor countries like China and South Korea. After watching the film, the director of Japanese legal studies at UBC faculty of Law spoke about how Article 9 was made, what was implication behind creating the peace constitution, how the role of Japan’s Self-Defense Force fit in the legal framework of Article 9, etc. Then, the floor was opened up for discussion. About 15 people who gathered at the event were really excited to express and share their opinions with others. A rich diversity of opinion was observed in the discussions: How a role of the Self-Defense Force fits in Article 9; how the issue of comfort women issue is perceived in Japan; is peace and security in Japan under an umbrella of the United States or Article 9?; freedom of speech and its relation to the attitude of the Japanese government towards war crimes, etc.

I was very happy to see the lively discussion. It was very interesting to see the issue of Article 9 from many perspectives. We hope to provide you with more opportunities to discuss freely about a variety of issues in East Asia.

Wakiko Yoneda
Bringing Asian Youths Together