Arc' comments on the "Japanese peace constitution" event

Hello, this is Arc.
I saw this movie before, but unfortunately I had to run to my class, so I didn't attend the discussion part last time. This time is my first time, for the discussion.

This movie impressed me and changed me a lot, I think. I've heard about the Article 9 issue before, but, at that time, I strongly believed this was "Japanese' s business", I should not put my claws on it--isolationism, I think, :-). It is this movie told me that the spirits of Article 9, such as peace and non-violence, should be known by all the people in the world, and saving Article 9 is not only some "JAPANESE" businesses about "JAPANESE" issues; it is something about peace and love for all the human beings.

It is great to have Dr. Matsi here, giving us his opinion about North East Asia issues. Pepole in North East Asia are poor, in words of peaceful life, I think. Those lands have been the battlefield since the beginning of 20th century, and even now, the remains of clod war are still there. Under such a hard environment, I think, communication like this is very important. To hear from Dr. Matsui, and to hear from students with different background, we knew each other better. Through communication, we kill sterortype and we gain knowledge, so I think to have a talk is always good.

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